After receiving an production grant in 1991, Kwan and Iger worked with co-producer Paul Lundahl to create Anatomy of A Springroll, a multi-media feast that combines historical and documentary footage, animation, puppetry and family photographs to communicate how the passing down of recipes from generation to generation is an important Asian American tradition.

Other Collaborators

For ten years, Kwan and Iger have worked with and relied on the technical expertise of their collaborators Paul Lundahl and Eric Ladenburg. We have been very lucky to be working with talented people like Eric, Paul and Lenny Levy.

Others involved in the production include Anita Walden (costuming), performer Genny Lim mask-maker/performer Annie Hallatt, dancer/movement artist Leigh Evans, composers Kalonica McQuesten and John DiStefano, the late Joe Catalano as well as many talented musicians in the Bay-Area.