"HAVE YOU EATEN?" Our latest project is a personal exploration of food as memory and history.

Every time I would visit my mother she would ask me, "Have you eaten?" Now that she is 95 years old and quite frail, she no longer asks me that question. This film is a response to that silence--a way to fill the void I feel now that she is in the twilight of her life.

The program explores how our family copes with an aging parent, revealing cultural dimensions of a universal story. Using an eclectic mix of documentary footage, animation, puppetry and poetry, the story is told through the metaphorical lens of an Asian food culture that connects generations as expressions of caring and love.
Agnosia: Confessions of a Food Pornographer tells the story of Max, a Chinese American woman and powerful restaurant reviewer who has just lost her sense of taste and smell, a rare neurological condition known as "agnosia." >More




This award-winning trilogy is a visual account of one man's journey from the food-filled streets of the Saigon he left 30 years ago in the midst of war, to his adopted American life.