ANATOMY OF A SPRINGROLL is an award-winning visual account of one man's journey from the food-filled street of San Francisco to the back streets of the Saigon he left 20 years ago. As Paul Kwan searches for the secrets ingredient to blend the traditions of his culture with his adopted American life, he discovers that the real secrets is his own 75-year old mother and her belief that to understand a culture, one must first the language of its food.

ANATOMY OF A SPRINGROLL takes the viewer on a contemporary exploration of the food and cultural traditions of Vietnam from the perspective of a returning Asian American.

PAUL KWAN, raised in Saigon in a traditional family during the Vietnam War. Returns to his homeland after a 20 year absence, to pay homage to his father who died after Paul had moved to America. The journey became a metaphorical 'escape in reverse' through memories intertwined with wonderful food.

ANATOMY OF A SPRINGROLL combines beautiful imagery of present day Vietnam with puppetry and animation to show that "food is everyone's first language".

Anatomy of a Springroll
Pins & Noodles
A Wok in Process
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